About OUHI

Fashion and a social cause; a combination to help all women.


OUHI Jewellery is designed and inspired by female empowerment, for which funds are donated to help victims of domestic violence. Jewellery is an expression of oneself and with OUHI Jewellery, women can choose what gives them confidence and wear the design they identify most with, reminding them of their empowerment on a daily basis. Is it unity? Is it education? Career? These values and others are our inspiration.


As a socially responsible company, providing high-quality luxury jewellery made locally, women are simultaneously acquiring a powerful piece of jewellery whilst contributing to a greater cause.  This dual benefit is the essence of OUHI and promotes the message of women helping women; we are a SISTERHOOD.

What is "OUHI"?


Pronounced [Oo-hee].

OUHI is a suffix used in the Armenian language to change the gender of a noun from male to female.


Takavor = King

TakOUHI= Queen